Industrial Wastewater

Treatment or Recycling

Clean Products Inc.  
Cost Effective Waste Minimization Systems

  • CFSTM System Assures Compliance
  • Recycle Your Wastewater Instead of Disposing
  • Recover and Reuse Your Remaining Chemical

Turn dirty water into CLEAN!

"Waste which cannot be prevented should be recycled." Pollution Prevention Pays
Various Systems to Solve Your Wastewater Problems  
Wastewater Treatment that Works !
Patented CFSTM (Combination Flotation and Sedimentation) process accelerates separation of light fines and heavier soils and handles sludge automatically.  Use the CFS process by itself or with other technology for multiple processes in one system.
Individual units meet lower volume or diverse applications.  Portable units can serve multiple operations.
Cost Effective filtration to remove fine suspended solids.
Free lab analysis - On site tests.
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